Popular Women Sleuths Series: Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum, Part 1

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Stephanie-Plum-Part-1OK, you asked for it and we give it to you. What are the most popular women sleuth mystery series and what are all the books in those series? We start off with Stephanie Plum by the Numbers series by Janet Evanovich. But, keep watch, we’ll be continuing the series with Sue Grafton’s Alphabet Mysteries and bring you some surprises along the way.

Meet Stephanie Plum, One for the Money

Out of work, with an empty refrigerator, Stephanie Plum turns to bounty hunting for money. Her first assignment: an ex-cop wanted for murder. An ex-cop, but an ex-lover as well. Stephanie has a personal score to settle as well.

Raised in a blue-collar world, with a meddlesome mother and nutty grandmother, Stephanie has to use more than all her grit to get her man and solve this mystery. Yep, One for the Money is described as a “hilarious and suspenseful tale of murder and deceit.”  Get ready for a good read and one enjoyable ride.

Enter Granny and Joe Morelli, Two for the Dough

Bail-jumper Kenny Mancuso is Stephanie’s next target. As a “fugitive apprehension agent” (bounty hunter), she finds this case loaded with dead bodies. Get ready for Granny to join in the hunt as funeral parlors become a focus of the search. Then get ready for Granny to take this whole thing too much to heart.

Next enter Joe Morelli, a fast-talking vice cop who just happens to think Stephanie is God’s gift to him. As if our woman sleuth doesn’t have enough to deal with. But there’s plenty more as dead body parts starting showing up on her door step. Stephanie mjst learn to survive and fast. Two for the Dough is “irresistible fun and powerful suspense entertainment.”

Three to Get Deadly, The Cast Continues

The crazy cast of characters returns to both aid and interfere with brassy babe Stephanie Plum’s 3rd case. A simple case of bringing in a popular citizen who failed to report to court turns into “tripping down a trail littered with dead drug dealers.” Has her target turned into a vigilante?

Add to this world, Stephanie is having a bad hair month and gets saddled with Lula, a former hooker turned file clerk and crazy wannabe bounty hunter. Author Janet Evanovich certainly didn’t disappoint her fans with the 3rd installment of the Stephanie Plum by the Numbers series, Three to Get Deadly.

The Boxed Set of Stephanie Plum, 1, 2, 3

The whole set of these mysteries featuring our popular woman sleuth, Stephanie Plum, is available in a boxed set. A great gift for those mystery lovers on your gift list, or to have for yourself. Each of the books here, One for the Money, Two for the Dough, and Three to Get Deadly are included.

Then keep a watch here as we continue our Popular Women Sleuths Series with Part 2 of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum by the Numbers. Every lover of these hilarious and suspenseful women sleuth series will be in for a treat.

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    The only thing better than a great book is a great set of books! Thanks for the great review and recommendation!

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