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wolf-book-reviewIt certainly didn’t take long for me to be pulled into the world of Jessica James. A graduate student suddenly thrust into a murder, campus drugs and sexual assault, Russian mafia, and plenty more, our heroine stumbles her way along with talented and skillful friends. Wolf by Kelly Oliver is a mystery story with a tangled plot line and great characters.

The First in a Trilogy

Wolf is the first in a 3-book series starring Montana bred Jessica James. In this, we meet a cast of characters who charm us from beginning to end. Author Kelly Oliver is skilled at creating the kind of people we want to get to know better. Will they all continue through each of the 3 books? That is something we have yet to discover.

Jessica James (yes, nicknamed Jesse, really) brings her down home Western life to her college life. Her cowboy boots, her grandmother’s lucky blouse and her well-practiced poker face all come into play for the main character. I’ll be looking forward to more of Jesse and her Montana memories in Coyote, the second in the trilogy.


The Mystery Plot Thickens

Mystery usually connotes murder. But there’s plenty more to the term. In Wolf, author Oliver weaves many types of mysteries into the plot. Murder, of course, and more. Since I like to refrain from offering spoilers in my reviews, I’ll just quote the publicity:

“ripped-from-the-headlines crimes like date rape drugs on campus, sex trafficking, mafia scams and more.”

Kelly Oliver gives us plenty of reasons to embrace the term “mystery” for more than just murder.

My Final Word on Wolf

Overall, I enjoyed reading Wolf. It’s a fun romp of a read through mystery and mayhem. There a few scenes I don’t think added much to the story or the characters, like an unnecessary description of a sponge bath in the college lavatory. Happily for us as readers, those kind of scenes are few. The rest of the story is worthy of a good mystery read.

I’m off now to read Coyote, the second in the series. Hopefully, I will find another engaging plot for Jesse James to get herself tangled up in. I’m ready for the next armchair mystery to enjoy.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    This sounds like a very intriguing mystery! I love finding a great book series that has been recommended. btw, that cover art is fabulous!

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