New Mystery Releases: Enter Eddy Harkness in Third Rail

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New-Mystery-Releases-Third-Enter Eddy Harkness, a new police detective on the mystery scene. Third Rail, by Rory Flynn, is one of the new mystery releases. The first in the Eddy Harkness series. I’ve just finished the novel and wanted to share with you my take on this debut book from Flynn.

Third Rail, New Mystery Releases

Meeting Eddy Harkness is a huge purpose for the mystery crime novel, Third Rail. But, luckily, it’s not the only reason. Along with the introduction of our mystery series hero, we get a well-paced novel with characters that matter to us.

The world of illegal drugs is what Harkness must deal with. Third Rail is the name of a new, powerful and dangerous drug. One that is especially attractive to the overly intelligent and rich. Therefore attractive to a powerful and dangerous drug lord.

Set partly in Boston but mostly in the small town of Nagog, Harkness returns to the world he grew up in. Through this small town, we meet our hero and his personal demons.

Awaiting the Next Eddy Harkness

Author Rory Flynn has gotten my attention. He set up a character that I care about, one that I want to read more about. He’s set up an interesting premise for a mystery series. I’m can’t tell you that premise because that would be a spoiler!

Oh, yes, we have to deal, again, with a down-and-out detective who drinks too much. But, only as a way to meet our hero. Luckily for us, Eddy Harkness is so much more.

And that’s why I am awaiting the next installment in this series. I want to know where Harkness goes from here. I want to see how he handles his next mystery. And I want to read how author Flynn brings us more of this premise.

If you want to read more about the plot of Third Rail, it’s presented at Rory Flynn’s website. The novel is not only available in hardback, but also as an e-book for your Kindle or other device. But, get ready. Third Rail is one of the good new mystery releases.

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    Sounds like another great book and recommendation!

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