Jana DeLeon and the Miss Fortune Mystery Series

Jana-DeLeon-and-Miss-FortunThe world of women sleuths is advanced with humor and intriguing mysteries with Jana DeLeon and the Miss Fortune mystery series. Here is an author who knows how to combine great characters, can’t-put-down plots and hilarious writing to create the kind of stories that we love to read. The series includes 5 novels at this writing, but more are sure to come.

Jana DeLeon’s World

The Miss Fortune Mysteries are set in the Bayou world of Louisiana, a place DeLeon knows well. She grew up in a tiny Louisiana town near the Gulf of Mexico. Her plots are set in the secrets of small town Bayou, those that lie just beneath the surface and come up for air in time for her woman sleuth to get slapped in the face.

The author’s great sense of humor comes through in the zany antics of the small town characters her heroine, Fortune Redding, has the “miss fortune” to encounter. Not only does DeLeon give you a full sense of the small town world of Louisiana, but she also gives you the thrilling mystery plot to keep you reading. In the Miss Fortune series, we have a lovable woman sleuth for all to enjoy. Besides this series, Jana DeLeon has developed a most unusual and charming series in Ghost-In-Law.

Louisiana Longshot, the First in the Series

CIA assassin, Fortune Redding, faces her first mystery in the series in the small town of Sinful, Louisiana. A leak at the CIA forces Fortune to go in hiding to save her own life. In the midst, she meets the Geritol Mafia, the seemingly sweet little old ladies who control the town, and faces the banana pudding rush. Mix all this up with a handsome local deputy who is asking all the right questions which could expose Fortune’s true identity and you have a recipe for hilarity and intrigue.

Author Jana DeLeon, who claims she lives with the most spoiled Sheltie in the world, adds in a charming dog to Fortune’s life. That alone could cause me to grab up this mystery, but our woman sleuth’s adventures with her inherited dog are just a fraction of the fun that awaits you in Louisiana Longshot

Lethal Bayou Beauty, Miss Fortune Volume 2

Sinful, Louisiana turns out to be home to a beauty pageant with Fortune Redding still in hiding. The problem is aspiring actress Pansy Arceneaux turns up murdered and our Miss Fortune is the prime suspect. Not only must she find the real killer to save her own skin, but in the midst of all this, our sleuth must protect her true identity.

DeLeon keeps us enthralled with her wicked sense of humor, totally unexpected plot twists and completely engaging cast of zany characters. Lethal Bayou Beauty continues where Volume 1 left off and never disappointed. Now, I am stuck waiting for the next installment of Miss Fortune. A new series with a new woman sleuth that is worth the wait.

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About the Author: Avid reader of all in the mystery genre for more than 30 years. Over the past several years, I have been part of the review team for pre-release mystery fiction. My experience includes review and evaluation of mystery genre manuscripts for new authors. Clearly, mysteries are my passion when it comes to novel reading. .


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  1. Mandee says:

    Okay, you got me! Guess my next series will be Deleon’s Miss Fortune. I can’t wait!!

  2. Cynthia says:

    Oh, me too Mandee! I want to read the entire series myself now.

  3. Barb says:

    Just last night my sister was telling me about this series! I’m even more intrigued now!

  4. Jo Ann says:

    Will there be a Miss Fortune book 7? I love that series

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