Humor and Who-done-it Come Together in Never Buried

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Are you ready for a charming and involved mystery? Then add in a humorous female amateur sleuth. Now, have I got you? Author Edie Claire brings to life her wonderful female sleuth, Leigh Koslow in Never Buried. It’s the first in this great series, and it’s a great read.

Leigh Koslow discovers a 10-year dead man swinging in her backyard hammock, which kicks off a very satisfying who-done-it mystery. Leigh is meant to be helping her slightly neurotic and pregnant cousin. The two live in a house where 50 years prior murder took place. Yep, this all comes together with well-fleshed out characters and great settings. The plot grows just perfectly with more questions arising as one is answered.

Set in a quaint area around Pittsburgh, Ms. Claire picks up her readers and drops them right into the world of Leigh Koslow. Although Never Buried is the debut of Leigh Koslow, Ms. Claire is an experienced and talented author. You will find her love of animals sprinkled throughout her works. She has an undisclosed number of pets!

This is a series which I will be continuing. Every one I can get my hands on actually. Never Buried was definitely worth it.


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