Stephanie Plum Series: The Boxed Sets

Stephanie Plum SeriesWhat a treat to have all the Stephanie Plum series in neat boxed sets. Author Janet Evanovich has brought to life one of our favorite female sleuths in her famous By the Numbers mystery series. And those numbers are nicely grouped together in boxed sets of 3 Stephanie Plum mysteries.

Stephanie Plum Series: In the Beginning

With any kind of mystery series, I personally like to start at the beginning. Even though the Stephanie Plum series mysteries do read well as stand alones, there is always fun stuff to enjoy in the opening books. I like finding out how she ended up in the sleuthing world. I like meeting many of the characters when they are first introduced. That means starting at the beginning.

Author Janet Evanovich wrote a charming, tough and hilarious character in Stephanie Plum. So why deny yourself all the fun of reading about this woman sleuth from the beginning? With the Stephanie Plum series, the first 3 mysteries give you a great introduction to the main character, the whole setting and the important supporting characters.

Stephanie Plum Series: Getting the Middle

The Stephanie Plum series boxed sets are arranged by 3. In sets 2 and 3, we get the mysteries of numbers 4, 5 and 6, then 7, 8 and 9. Now, we are getting into just the fun of the mysteries, along with plenty of Evanovich humor. These mysteries are not just fun reads, but they are also well-plotted. That’s a requirement. Good mystery novels need to have good plots.

Stephanie Plum Series: The Continuation

Boxed sets 4 and 5 bring us up to number 15 in the By the Numbers mystery series. Not the end for sure. But now we are starting to see some more depth to Stephanie Plum and her sleuthing. Author Evanovich never drops the ball as she continues with the Stephanie Plum series. Coming up with this many mysteries is not easy to do. But, then keeping the humor and great personality of Stephanie Plum makes it even harder. Evanovich continues with fun and fabulous mysteries along with keeping us laughing along the way.

Getting Ready for More

As of this writing, the Stephanie Plum series has continued well past these boxed sets. That we are thrilled about. Evanovich shows no signs of slowing down. Not only in the mysteries, but also in the great plots and fun characters. Since we do like Stephanie Plum as one of our favorite woman sleuths in a cozy mystery style, we are thrilled to see her continue.

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  1. Mandee says:

    You know I love Stephanie Plum and Janet Evanovich! I really didn’t know about the boxed sets though. Thanks! That’ll be added to my wish list!

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