The Gods of Guilt by Michael Connelly – A Review

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The Gods of Guilt (Lincoln Lawyer)

I have been looking forward to the new release from Michael Connelly — The Gods of Guilt. It was for his Lincoln Lawyer series featuring defense attorney Mickey Haller. I do love the Harry Bosch series as well but for some reason, I relate to Mickey a bit better. Incidentally, in the world of Michael Connelly, Harry Bosch and Mickey Haller are half brothers, sharing the same father.

Mickey is definitely human and has had his share of problems. Somehow, he gets through in the unsavory world of criminals, convicts and defense attorneys. Not unscathed but maybe as a better person.

Setting the Scene

“The Gods of Guilt” opens with a year of time having elapsed since the last book ended. In The Fifth Witness, Haller was riding high after having gotten an acquittal for his latest client and his business is booming. We need to start here in order to understand the beginning of the new book in the series.

The Fifth Witness ends just after Mickey figures out his client (Lisa Tammel) was actually guilty. It’s definitely a recurring theme — guilt about his job defending unsavory characters —  especially since his ex-wife is a Prosecutor for the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office. His daughter view her parents as on opposite sides of right and wrong.

At the very end of The Fifth Witness, Lisa Trammel is smug with Mickey, knowing that he knows she is actually guilty. She calls him a few days later alternately accusing him of tipping off the police to dig up her flower bed and begs him to represent her as she is tried for her husband’s murder.

Mickey, cool as a cucumber on the outside, tells her he can’t represent her. He has just thrown his hat in the ring to run for the office of L.A. County District Attorney and no longer wants to be associated with people like her.

The Story of The Gods of Guilt

In the opening of The Gods of Guilt, we find that Mickey has had another rough year. He was flying high as a candidate for DA when the awful happened.

He had gotten a low-life client off of a drunk driving charge on a technicality. The low-life repeats the crime and kills a mother and daughter. The daughter happened to be a classmate of his own daughter, Hayley. Needless to say, he lost the bid for election but, more importantly, lost his daughter’s respect and company in the process.

We find him drinking a bit too much and resorting to watching his daughter’s soccer practice from afar while wallowing in his guilt. Out of the blue, he is offered a rare chance to represent a “digital pimp” that can actually afford his attorney fees. Yes, things were looking up for Mickey.

Mickey is in for a lot of surprises right up front in this story. A client that can pay and is most likely innocent, a name from the past murdered and a possible new girlfriend.

The drama in The Gods of Guilt takes place in and out of the courtroom with Mickey at the helm. He’s both tenacious and scared but also determined the right person be convicted. It’s all up to The Gods of Guilt — the jury.

I enjoyed this book immensely just as I have all 5  books in the Lincoln Lawyer series. Well done (as usual) Michael Connelly. Keep them coming!

Need to get caught up in the series? Here are the 5 Lincoln Lawyer series books in order:

  1. The Lincoln Lawyer — 2005
  2. The Brass Verdict — 2008
  3. The Reversal — 2010
  4. The Fifth Witness — 2011
  5. The Gods of Guilt— 2013


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  1. Cynthia says:

    It sounds like an awesome book and yes, I would need to get caught up on the previous books of the series first. My father reads Michael Connelly books and for some reason, I have always thought of them as books written from men. I know I have read reviews that you have written about his books before, but for some reason, I just haven’t broken the self imposed barrier and grabbed the first one to read. Need to do that now and stop putting it off!

  2. I have enjoyed many books by Michael Connelly mostly from the Harry Bosch series, but also at least one with Mickey Haller, although it might have actually been in a Harry Bosch book. I do like the legal thrillers, and if I ever have time to read again I know I would like these.

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