Agatha Christie’s Hallowe’en Party

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Halloween is near, the costumes are chosen, the decorations are done and it’s time to settle in with that most classic Halloween mystery. Agatha Christie brings her famous detective Hecule Poirot in to solve a Halloween party murder.

But this one has some menace to it. The victim is a 13-year-old girl. She’s found drowned in the apple-bobbing tub. A Halloween party turned to real-life horror.

As usual, the masterful Christie does a great job of weaving the plot of the murder with a terrific 1920’s setting. The funny crime-writing novelist Ariadne Oliver is Poirot’s sidekick in this story.  And she brings her typical attitude of “women should be running Scotland Yard” to the aid of the solution.

Not just a Halloween party and a dead young girl, but a murder from the past all come together for Poirot’s little gray cells. But, of course, mon ami, he outwits the police detective and then sums up how he solved the crime with is his usual flair and dramatics.

Hallowe’en Party is one of those great reads all ready for this particular holiday.


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