Historical Mysteries

Mysteries set in a by-gone era are always fun to read. The settings, the costumes, even the conversation all make the story come alive for the reader. To qualify as a good historical mystery fiction, the crime could not have taken place at any other time in history. So that gives us a way to really see back in time. The author did the research to find out what that world was like. All we have to do is read and enjoy. We often find ourselves learning something new about the time and place. These mysteries cover many different historical eras and settings, from Victorian San Francisco to World War II America, and many others. Here are some of our favorites, from our favorite online book seller, Amazon. Click on your choice to find out more about it, purchase it, or browse more historical mystery novels.



Titantic Mystery American Revolution Victorian San Francisco
Medieval Mystery Victorian San Francisco World War II
Vatican Murders Medieval Mystery Colonial America
Victorian London Regency Mystery American Revolution
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