Lacey Pinkerton Kicks Off Fun Mysteries for Kids

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Ice-Cream-and-MysteriesTen-year-old Lacey Pinkerton starts off her first mystery with stolen Double Fugdy Fudge Ice Cream Sandwiches. Time to grab an ice cream of your own and follow the mystery, fun and some mayhem.

Any Excuse to Read a Mystery

At Mystery Book World, we have enjoyed using any excuse to read our next mystery novel. Well, now we have that in July. National Ice Cream Month gives the child in all of us a great excuse to grab our favorite ice cream and read all about stolen ice cream. What a great combination. As an adult, if you need to pretend that you don’t read children’s mysteries, then try reading this one to a child, your own, neighbor or friend. Then you can both enjoy it.

Lacey Pinkerton’s World

Our charming heroine comes from a long line of criminal investigators. She turns out to have inherited some good skills herself. Her best friend Sloan partakes in her investigation, as does her big black dog Newfie. Lacey just can’t allow the theft of those yummy Double Fudgy Fudge Ice Cream Sandwiches from her school go unsolved. But there’s plenty more when Lacey goes up against real criminals. Will her skills be there for her? Time to find out for yourself.

The Lacey Pinkerton Mysteries

As of this writing, the second in Lacey’s mystery world is out and we are all awaiting anxiously the third. The child in me just couldn’t lick up these stories fast enough. Of course children will love them, but so did this adult!

 Lacey Pinkerton And The Mystery Of The Stolen Double Fudgy Fudge Ice Cream Sandwiches (Lacey Pinkerton Mysteries) (Volume 1) Lacey Pinkerton And The Mystery Of The Stolen Mr.E (Lacey Pinkerton Mysteries)

About the Author

Joshua Clark pens the Lacey Pinkerton mystery books. The father of 2 daughters, he draws on his own girls for inspiration and help in writing Lacey realistically but with just the right amount of charm to delight every reader. Joshua and his family are pro-active for both animal rescue and environmental concerns, so you will see little doses of that sprinkled throughout his novels. We applaud Mr. Clark for that.

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About the Author

About the Author: Avid reader of all in the mystery genre for more than 30 years. Over the past several years, I have been part of the review team for pre-release mystery fiction. My experience includes review and evaluation of mystery genre manuscripts for new authors. Clearly, mysteries are my passion when it comes to novel reading. .


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5 Reader Comments

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  1. Sound like the perfect books for kids! I always enjoy a good, safe mystery myself.

  2. Mandee says:

    What a cute story line! Sounds like a mystery young and old alike could enjoy. Thanks for the introduction!

  3. Joshua Clark says:

    Thank you so much for the nice write up and reviews! I just completed the third book in the series and after some final edits I will release “Lacey Pinkerton And The Mystery Of The Chunky Chow Bandit”! I’ve never tried very hard to distribute these self published books but I’m starting to hear that people like them so maybe someday litle Lacey will make it to the big time! I hope you’ll visit our Facebook Page and give it a Like! We support cool things like Childrens Hospital and several animal rescue organizations. Thanks again everyone!

    • buckhawk says:

      We are very, very excited to read the next caper from Lacey. Thanks for stopping by and giving us all that heads up! Keep up your stories and your support for animal rescue. Our applause continues.

  4. Joshua Clark says:

    Hello! I just wanted to let you know that the third book in the Lacey Pinkerton Mystery Series is now available in Kindle and paperback on Amazon! Lacey Pinkerton And The Mystery Of The Chunky Chow Bandit! I think its the best one yet! Thanks, Josh Clark

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