Cat Sleuths

Who doesn’t love a fun mystery where it’s the cat who solves the crime? There are lots of other mysteries where the sleuth is an animal, but there is just something special about a cat. Their independence, intelligence and aloofness just lend themselves so well to the charm of the mystery-solving. We just have to chuckle at the way they often seem so much smarter than their human counterparts. We adore how they present the clues to the humans and lead them straight to the solution. When the interact with other animals in the story, we are additionally delighted. Here are some of our favorite cat sleuth mysteries, all from our favorite online book seller, Amazon. Just click on your choice to see more about it, purchase it or browse more cat sleuth mystery novels.



Midnight Louie Joel Gray Mystery Mrs. Murphy Novel
Winky Mystery Midnight Louie Mrs. Murphy Mystery
More Winky Mystery Sneaky Pie Brown Joel Gray Mystery
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